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  1. Work in progress

    For nearly six years while working in different Studios the documentation of my everyday experience has turned into a fundamental element for understanding my own work. One series of photography and videos of the everyday process invite the spectator to observe the constant transformation of the space and the frequent accidents that provoke the development of the work. At the same time a performative character of “the being” can be questioned and witnessed in the Studio: this means that repetition and everyday actions are valued, recorded and thereby transformed by documentation, showing the changes of internal logic that are established in one work: The piece is not only the result of the process but as well the process itself.

    spanish version

    Work in progress es una serie de fotografías y  videos realizados en mi Atelier durante los últimos cinco años.  A partir del estudio y la contemplación del proceso creativo, insisto en experimentar con el metodo heuristico de ensayo y error, por lo que la accidentalidad y la improvisación son elementos fundamentales en mi trabajo. El Atelier es a su vez un espacio de producción y una instalación en constante transformación.

  2.                                                                    Köpenickerstr.16 / Berlin 2014

  3. Raum 002 / Weimar 2011