Water, oil and organic orange juice

Barrel, found objects and LED Lamp.

variable Dimension

Berlin, 2016-2018.



The installation Water, oil and organic orange juice suggest a decadent, post-industrial scenario. Barrels, water bottles, pipe remnants and scaffolding parts are provisionally displayed to allow for a critical consideration of a common understanding of nature and the practices of extractivism. Whit the selection of objects, the artist reflects on the danger of the pollution of water bodies and drinking water as a result of the extraction of natural resources by methods such as hydraulic fracturing. Water, oil and organic orange juice can be read as an allegory of environmental, social and economic risks and imbalances, particularly in relation to the oil industry and the diverses practices of resource extraction and explotation. Therefore, all parts of the installation are in a state of precarious balance, neither fixed nor held together. The equilibrium and tension between the elements as well as the use of resources and ultimately, the conservation of them, characterizes the work.


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